mercoledì 28 gennaio 2015

Say YES La Via del Ritorno... a Casa

Say YES is a dynamic "dance meditation' song by Veeresh and the Humaniversity Sounds.

Veeresh is the founder and president of the Osho Humaniversity. He is an innovative therapist and an inspiring teacher whose work has touched many lives. His challenging and creative approach allows people to move beyond self-imposed limits into a fresh understanding and grounded self-confidence.

He works with a multi-national team of therapists at the OSHO Humaniversity and leads workshops here and around the world. He has created many therapeutic processes, including the AUM Meditation and other Social Meditations.
"Sono un uomo di Osho e lui è il mio Maestro, il mio Insegnante, Amico..."
Veeresh lascia il corpo il 27 gennaio all'età di 77 anni.
Qui sotto il video che celebra il suo 75esimo compleanno

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