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POWER NAP Here is your Free Lesson to learn to Power Nap 
Thomas Edison said, "Personally, I enjoy working about 18 hours a day. Besides the short catnaps I take each day, I average about four to five hours of sleep per night." 
Want to learn how to Power Nap? 

It is easy, will make you more creative and give you a chance to be a better person. (and I am sure you will be better looking) 
I'll bet this is how Edison did it. Such a genius, that man. Anyone who figures out how to make naps a good thing is a friend of mine. 
1. Look at the clock. 
2. Close your eyes 
3. Take a deep breath 
4. Decide how long you will have your eyes closed (not asleep) if you have only 10 minutes, say the exact time that you will be opening your eyes that is ten minutes from now. 
5. Present an idea, problem, or need to your mind. 
6. Say to yourself, I will open my eyes at ___ and feel energized and refreshed with a new idea about this. 
7. Dwell on the problem for moment, then take a deep breath and let go of the problem as you exhale. 
8. Go into trance, deeper with each breath. Do not use the word sleep, only say to yourself, deeper relaxed. 
9. Let your eyes roll back in your head, let your arms and legs become heavy. 
10.Call in your personal masseuse to give you a full body massage upon awakening. 
11.If you have not one of these at your disposal, simply open your eyes when you feel the urge. You will be quite pleased to find out that it is the exact time that you stated when you began your power nap. You may have a new creative solution for your problem. Your mind will keep track of the time without your conscious knowledge and you will usually open your eyes at the exact time. 
Important things to remember about successful power napping: 
Do not suggest to your mind that you will sleep. This is not sleep, it is a deep state of trance. If all goes well, your brain will drop into an alpha and then a theta brain wave. During this time you will be attempting to achieve a very restorative state in your brain and body without entering a sleep state. 
Relax your body progressively, focusing on the release of tension with each breath out. 
Tell your very smart (and soon to be refreshed mind) that you will emerge (not wake up, cuz you were not sleeping) feeling energized. Three deep breaths will increase your energy upon emerging. Got it? Good. 
Then Thomas Edison emerged from his Power Nap and said, "The thing I lose patience with the most is the clock. Its hands move too fast." 
Brilliant man. 
How about a little time distortion to make your 10 minute power nap seem like an hour, or a 30 minute nap to capture the same effects as a four hour sleep. Is it possible? I have heard that it can happen. 

Edison also said, "I am quite correctly described as more of a sponge than an inventor...." 

POWER NAP Here is your Free Lesson to learn to Power Nap 
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