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Love is a feeling of givingness with no thought of receiving any return for it.
Love is a giving with no strings attached.
Love is the natural, inherent state of man.
Only by loving does love come to us. The more we love, the more love comes to us.
Love is an attitude, a feeling, and requires no action.
Love is a freeing of the other one.
Love is acceptance.
Love is taking people as they are.
Love is loving the other one because the other one is the way the other one is.
Love is trust.
Love is a feelingness of peace.
Love is identification. It is being the other one by identifying with the other one.

Love is what every being is seeking through his every act.
Love is the answer to all problems.
When there are problems, if we would love more, they would disappear. When the
love is complete, the problem dissolves immediately.
Love and understanding are the same.
Love is communing; it is conununication.
Lending support, wanting for the other one what the other one wants, that is love.
The greatest help or giving one may give to another is to help the other to get the
understanding of Truth. In this way, one gives the other the formula for happiness.
Love is a power. It is the cohesive force of the universe.
Love is attracting, integrating, and constructive and so effects anything that it is
applied to.

Parliaments cannot right the world; but enough individuals feeling love can.
Almost all people mistake ego approval for love. Because it is not love, it is not
satisfying. Consequently, one continuously needs and demands it. And this produces
only frustration.
Love is not sex.
Love is not an emotion.
People need each other and think it is love. There's no hanging on to, or fencing in, of
the other one when one loves.
Human love does not want to share its love with others, but rather wants its own
personal satisfaction. Real love wants to share its love and the more it is shared, the
more joyous it is.
There is no "longing for" in love, because longing is separation; love being oneness, it
does not allow separation.
True love cannot be gotten through marriage. It must be there before marriage.
Love cannot be applied to one and not another. It's impossible to love one and hate
another. When we love one more than another, that one is doing something for us.
That is human love. When one loves people because they are nice to him, that too, is
human love. True love is unconditional. In true love, one loves even those who
oppose him.

We should love everyone equally.
It's impossible to l:et love. Only by loving can one feel love.
The more one looks for love, the more one doesn't love.
One should strive tQ love, never~ loved. To be loved brings temporary
happiness, ego inflation.
When one loves fully, one can have no concept of not being loved.
To love our enemy is the height of love.
When love is felt for the enemy, it makes the enemy impotent; powerless to hurt us. If
the enemy persists in trying to hurt us, he will only hurt himself.
One does not increase his love. One merely gets rid of one's hate.
In a Slate of high love one has a feeling of harmlessness, and grants the other one the
other one's beingness.
When we love fully, we feel we have everytbing.
Loving fully, one sees only love.
When one really loves, one can never be hurt.
Love has no personal angles.
Anytime one feels good, one is loving. Anytime one feels bad, one is not loving.
Love and egoism are opposites.

Love is selflessness.
Love is purity.
Love eliminates fear.
Love eliminates anxiety.
Love eliminates insecurity.
Love eliminates loneliness.
Love eliminates unhappiness.
Love attracts love.
Love is the means and the end.
Love is its own reward.
Love seeks its own likeness.
Love flourishes in love.
Love is contagious.

Love cannot be intellectualized.
The sweetness of love cannot be described. It must be experienced.
Full love is constant and can never be not. When attained, one feels only it, sees only
it, hears only it, and thinks only it.
Love is patient and kind. Love is not jealous or boastful. It is not arrogant or rude.
Love does not insist on its own way. It is not irritable or resentful. It does not rejoice
at wrong, but rejoices in the right. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all
things, endures all things.


The Ultimate Truth

The Ultimate Truth is Truth that is true now, has always been true, and will forever be
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