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Synchronized Brain

The "Synchronized Brain" program is based on the work of neurophysiologists. According to their research, the synchronization of the cerebral hemispheres has a beneficial effect on one's well-being. When the hemispheres work in unison, one is able to manage emotions, attain goals and concentrate more fully. Synchronization enables the brain to regulate the functioning of the entire body in a much better way. Studies indicate that many universally recognized geniuses--such as Johann Sebastian Bach and Albert Einstein--had synchronized brains.

Brain synchronization represents a significant advantage over the ordinary, erratic way of thinking. It will be much easier for you to prove your point because, logically, chaos always gives way to the emergence of order. You will make more reasonable decisions, and it will be difficult for others to manipulate you. Of course, while it isn't easy to synchronize the left and right hemispheres through the use of conventional exercises, it is much simpler to achieve it with neuro-acoustical technology. This fact has been demonstrated in the scientific research of T. Budzinskiy, J. Carter, S. Ostashko and others. Neuro-acoustical brain synchronization is used worldwide in the military as well as in the new field of cosmic medicine. Modern scientific research proves that neuro-acoustical meditation programs are able to synchronize the cerebral hemispheres. The benefits include a positive impact on the thought process, the development of intuition, the harmonization of emotion, the unification of all psychological aspects into one organized consciousness, the attainment of improved mentality, the control of emotional swings and a more constructive view of destiny.

Advanced Mind Institute has therefore developed the excellent "Synchronized Brain" program to such a level that it's more effective than the materials used in the military and cosmic medicine fields. The distinct feature of our program is its one-of-a-kind "3-M sonic technology," which comprises triple sound modulation and a special frequency component. That frequency doesn't cause you to tune into a specific rhythm, but instead it imitates the natural brainwaves.

It is a well-known fact that the best way to synchronize the cerebral hemispheres is to act upon them with frequencies ranging from 6Hz to 9Hz (the optimal one being 7Hz). Remember, each individual will have a unique response to the frequency exposure. That's why floating frequencies in the range of 6Hz to 9Hz are used in the program. By imitating the natural bursts of brain activity, the frequencies constantly change. The program seeks the frequency that is most suitable for the listener's brain.

Our exclusive feature--neuro-acoustical 3-M technology--processes the background sound with three types of modulation: amplitude modulation, panning and pitch. This method of processing dramatically increases the program's effectiveness in comparison to the outdated binaural rhythm technology.
The Synchronized Brain program has special features.

"Synchronized Brain" has specific objectives. If you'll follow the guidelines gives below, you'll sense the results after the very first session.
Never overuse the program, such as by listening to it as a form of background during any type of pursuit or by meditating with the eyes open.
Begin the program on an empty stomach or two hours after a meal.
It's important to be well hydrated while listening to the program. We recommend that you drink a glass of clear water (but no other type of liquid) shortly before the start of meditation.
Avoid any interruption as the program continues. It's a good idea to turn off your cell phone and any type of audible or vibratory reminder.
It is best to work with the program three or four times a week at most, doing so amid quiet surroundings or with the use of noise-cancelling headphones.
It's important to listen to the program only at a modest (medium) volume. High-volume playback will diminish the program's effectiveness. Listen to a short fragment and adjust the volume to the optimal level before you begin the meditation.
When you use a headset, be sure to wear it in the orientation indicated on the unit. The "L" side should be placed over the left ear.
It is recommended that you take a one-week break after 10 sessions. Then, your second 10-week session should be followed by a two-week break. This pace doesn't allow your brain to be saturated and become uncomfortable with the program. The effectiveness of the program may be compromised if you use it excessively.
It's a good idea not to combine this program with any other, even if it comes from the Advanced Mind Institute.
Never work with the program while under the influence of alcohol or any intoxicant.
If you should fall asleep while the listening to the program, don't worry. Simply deactivate the auto-repeat function on your player before the start of the session.
Be sure you're listening to the original program that you have downloaded from the Advanced Mind Institute website.
How does one meditate?

Assume any position that is comfortable for you; one in which your joints and muscles aren't stressed or tensed. Such a position should be one you can maintain for a reasonable amount of time. Close your eyes, and cease your internal chatter. Within a few minutes--usually fewer than ten--your mind and body will relax. You may find a more thorough explanation The Right Way to Meditate.

The program will guide you toward a state in which "the mind is asleep but the body is awake," where you won't be distracted by your thoughts but can instead concentrate on your breathing.

You should listen to the program using a headset only. Use a good-quality headset that covers the entire ear instead of using an earplug type.

You can work with the program at any time of day. La Via del Ritorno... a Casa

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