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There is something that you're about to discover.
Perhaps it's something that you already know, that you're already aware of.
And if you're not yet aware of it, just imagine what it might be like to discover how confident you really are, to find that part of yourself that already knows how to feel relaxed and calm when you're around other people, that part of you that knows how to feel spontaneous, happy, and natural with a small group of people or a large group whether they're friends or strangers.
So now, you will learn and discover and experience the ease that you have in being in front of other people, with a group, or with just one.
You are able to express yourself, to feel that natural ease, your sense of humor, your spontaneity.
Learn to speak easily, effortlessly, spontaneously.
Your conversation flows easily from deep within you, from your very core.
You enjoy talking to people.
You can meet anybody and feel comfortable.
You love this feeling of being deeply interested in others.
You love being absorbed in what others say and noticing that they're focused and absorbed in what you say.
And this part of you knows how to be completely relaxed around others, calm and confident. It's happened before and isn't it good to know that you already know how to be confident doing business with others, relaxing, enjoying social times with one person or a group.
And you notice how easy it is to be in the moment, not thinking about other things or worrying about other things, just enjoying the deeply relaxing feeling of being with other people.
Now there may be times when you're around a big group of people and you may notice that your mind has already taken you there.
As you follow my voice and you begin to notice how comfortable you feel around all of these people, that you really do feel that you just fit in.
They enjoy being with you.
You easily make eye contact.
You feel happy, relaxed, spontaneous, just as you do right now experiencing yourself around these people, having easy conversation, noticing the eye contact, the way that they're focused and absorbed in

what you say. 
It's happened before. 
You remember all those times when you have felt confident, where you inspired others, where you felt strong and happy or made people laugh. 
And as your mind remembers more and more of these times on an unconscious level you notice how easy it is now to simply be with others, confident and natural--nothing to think about. 
Your words and thoughts and ideas flow naturally and easily. 
And there is something else that you're going to discover simply because you are a confident person. 
As the days go by and the weeks go by, you'll begin to discover something else about your confident style, about your manner. 
And it may feel as if it begins deep inside of you. 
I don't know just where you'll discover this first. It may be a feeling that you have now, or it may be a feeling that you remember from long ago. 
Almost like a child who's carefree, happy, confident to say anything at all, never self-conscious or worried--having the freedom to say or think in a spontaneous way. 
So somewhere in you is that place where you already know how to be so alive around others and you feel that feeling growing now, you feel it getting bigger, stronger, more real. 
And your mind now takes my voice and your experience and takes you out into a future moment where days and weeks have passed and you've become even more confident, even more sure of yourself, more natural, so easy, feeling so good and so alive. 
You love this feeling and you feel it generating more and more of the confidence from deep inside of you. 
Now it may seem as if this part of you that it comes from has almost a mind of its own, that this part of you generates more excitement, more strength, and more of that natural creativity and spontaneity without any effort on your part. 
And just imagine if that part continues to generate that excitement, that happiness, that absolute joy that you have being around other people and allows it to get better every time when you have an experience. 
When you're sharing and laughing and talking to others, 
You might wonder just how good it could feel. 
And perhaps your mind has already taken you to the place where it feels so good, so natural, that you could get up in front of 50 people or 100 people, or you could be at a party where everybody is waiting to hear what you have to say and the most amazing thing happens. 
You feel a strength bubbling up from deep inside of you that says, "I love talking to people. 
I love being in front of other people. 
I love being an inspiration. 

I am a confident person.” 

So notice how that happens right now. 
Notice how others react. 
Perhaps they're smiling, or perhaps you notice their focused eye contact. 
And as you notice their positive reactions, somehow it stimulates that part of you that has been generating all these good feelings to be even more confident, almost as if you feel yourself rising up, getting taller, stronger, even more relaxed. 
And it is an interesting feeling, isn't it? 
To feel almost taller, to feel more confident than you imagined you could be. 
It's such an interesting feeling that perhaps you never imagined you could feel. 
And the best part about it is it keeps getting better, and better, and better. 
And your mind takes you now more days and weeks into the future, to more times where you're feeling confident and natural. 
And you notice different situations, little scenarios, almost like you're in a little movie of your future life. 
It's a little movie of all the different times when you are feeling confident -- where you're feeling happy and spontaneous. 
You have an excellent sense of humor, where people listen to what you have to say and you remember long, long ago when things like that used to make you back off a little bit. 
And whenever you think about how you used to be, you feel even more confident, more relieved, even happier that you are a person who is confident and happy. 

…so fully alive. 
In this future moment you notice what a relief it is to have released those old fears that were holding you back. 
You realize now that they didn't serve any purpose. 
And then you begin to feel even taller, stronger, more proud of your ability to be confident, strong, in control, spontaneous, so alive. 
And just notice that part of you that generates these feelings and notice how good you feel that you don't have to try, that this happens naturally. 
And really embrace that part for a moment. 
For the last few weeks or months, this part has learned -- become so resourceful, so intuitive, that it has created confidence that is just unstoppable, outstanding confidence. You feel on top of the world, like you really could do anything that you desire. 
So really wrap this part in love, acknowledgment, and gratitude. 
Wonder for a moment just how much more that part could do and perhaps your mind takes you even a little bit further into the future now, showing you what is possible, how good you are prepared to feel around people, in any situation. 
And breathe it in right now. Take a nice deep breath and breathe it in. 
Good and let it fill you up. 
Ahhh.... and it may begin to feel as if there's a little bit of a tingle, breathe it in again, breathe this experience in, let it fill you up, ahhh... and let it out. 
And you feel that tingle. 
That kind of vibration of that energy of confidence beginning to grow and it is such a good feeling and you know that you own this feeling as you take one more deep breath. 
Ahhh... breathe it in and own it. 

Good. And own it. Good. 
Now begin to bring your awareness back to the room, back to my voice, back to your body and your surroundings. 
In a moment I'm going to count from one to five and as I do you'll feel the energy returning to your body. 
And when I get to the number five you'll feel very refreshed, very clear headed and wide awake. 
These words and suggestions will have an increasing effect on the way you feel and think and behave in the coming days and weeks and months. 
If it's time for you to go to sleep right now, you can simply reach over and turn off the CD and let your mind go into a peaceful, deep, healing sleep. 
So just do that now. 
And if it's time for you to start your day, listen to my voice and bring the energy back into your body. 
When I get to the number five you'll feel very energized, very clear headed, very wide awake and refreshed. 
One, bring the energy into your legs and arms, feel it moving back in. 
Two, bring that energy all the way up through your body, feel it coming all the way up to the very top of your head. 
And three, your body balanced and at peace with these suggestions, bringing back with you the lessons and the learnings consciously and below your conscious awareness. 
Four, your eyes will feel cool and refreshed as if they've been bathed in clear spring water. 
And five, wide awake, clear headed, and refreshed. 
Take a nice deep breath and when you're ready, you can open your eyes. 
And another nice deep breath, take it in. 
Bring that energy all the way into your body and just give yourself a few moments to relax and reflect. 

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