venerdì 30 agosto 2019


Metascan is a neuroacoustic meditation program that comprises three meditations, 60 minutes each. The program uses the most advanced brainwave entrainment technology. Metascan will help you achieve deep meditative state, it will not only help you reach the depths of your inner self, but will take you beyond the boundaries of this world.

This program is universal. Use it any time of the day, listen to is in the background if you like. Feel free to use headphones or speakers. This meditation program uses universal harmonics, a set of specially selected frequencies that affect both body and consciousness at the cellular level. It resonates both with our world and the world beyond. When working with this program you can touch a different dimension, feel yourself as a part of the Universe.

The frequencies used in this program have a strong harmonizing effect on our consciousness. Metascan can be used as your main meditation tool, it can supplement other Advanced Mind Institute programs as well. It can be used as a background in medical institutions, while practicing yoga or Reiki, it can help relieve tension, stress, harmonize ambient space.

Metascan promotes spiritual purification and helps you remove all kinds of subconscious blocks, as it affects both mind and body. Metaphysically speaking, this program goes beyond the scope of our earthly existence. La Via del Ritorno... a Casa

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