martedì 27 agosto 2019

Whatsoever comes, I am going to dance

A man who really wants to live, lives unconditionally; he doesn’t make requirements of life. He says,
’Whatsoever comes, I am going to dance. Whatsoever the situation, I am going to dance. I am going to live it, I am going into it with my whole being.’ Then the fear of life will disappear. Lived, there is no fear. Unlived, life creates fear.
Let me repeat: Because you are not living life, that’s why the fear. And the life is disappearing, and you are wasting a great opportunity. And the opportunity may not come ever again. Or even if it
comes, will you be able to do something else? You will repeat the same. You have been repeating– it is not the only life that you have come to, you have been through many lives. You have livedfor eternity, in a thousand and one forms, and always you have been missing. And you have been
missing because of your conditions


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